Juan Pablo Montoya: “Max made sure we got to see a new Lewis”

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Former F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya talks about the 2021 title fight and says Red Bull “should talk less and focus more on what needs to be done on the track”.

At the 24 Hours of Le Mans Juan Pablo Montoya took some time to talk about the current situation in Formula 1.

More specifically he talked about the title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, especially their Silverstone duel that ended with Max crashing into the barrier.

Juan Pablo came out with some sound advice for the young Dutchman

“He’s always been the hunter, not the one everyone else is hunting,” Montoya said.

“It’s great for him that he’s in this situation right now, but if you’re the one being hunted, you need to start approaching things a little differently.

“For example, drivers who in the past were not so aggressive in a mutual duel, can now suddenly be very aggressive. We have seen that with Lewis.

“At Silverstone, Max had a car that was a lot faster than the Mercedes. He could have let Lewis pass and get him back on strategy but the Max we know doesn’t like to come off the gas.

“I would’ve done the exact same thing when I was younger. I wouldn’t have come off the gas either.

“But with the knowledge and experience I have now, I would, when I know I’m in the faster car.

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Montoya says the challenge from Verstappen has brought out a new level of on-track performance from Lewis.

“He is forced to go deeper than he’s gone in previous years and must mentally and physically tap into kegs he hadn’t tapped in a while. Because it simply wasn’t necessary.

“So I think Max made sure we got to see a new Lewis because now he has to go a step further. And that’s great for the sport.”

With the war of words started by Red Bull after the Silverstone incident, Montoya also had a few words of advice for the Austrian team.

“It is difficult to predict how this year will end. The reason that Lewis has been world champion so many times is also that he has already experienced it all.

“And the Mercedes has become a bit faster again before the summer break. I expect that will also influence the further course of the season.

“Mercedes was genuinely fast in Hungary and I think that came as a surprise to everyone. In any case, I found that surprising.

“I think at Red Bull they should talk less and focus more on what needs to be done on the track.

“After the incident at Silverstone, they went a bit far in trying to make a point, rather than putting it all behind them and looking forward, which I think was the best thing to do,” concluded the Colombian.

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