Kevin Magnussen changes story on his crash with Lewis Hamilton

© Wolfgang Wilhelm for Daimler AG

Kevin Magnussen said Lewis Hamilton “ramped” him at the Spanish Grand Prix, but after the race he backtracked on this statement.

Lewis Hamilton and Kevin Magnussen were involved in a collision at the start of the Spanish Grand Prix, which relegated them both to the back of the grid.

Although it was visible to viewers that Lewis didn’t do anything to cause the collision, Magnussen immediately told his team that the Briton “knew what he was doing” and ”ramped” him.

However, when he was asked after the race what he meant by that comment, Magnussen backtracked.

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“Nothing. It was just in the heat of the moment,” the Danish driver said.

“You say whatever you say, and then you go and look at it. And it’s often a different story. You’re always pissed off in the heat of the moment.

“But I’ll go and watch it again, see what happens and then move on,” he concluded.

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