Lance corporal Valtteri Bottas on what he learned in the military

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Valtteri Bottas has served in the Finnish military, rising to the rank of lance corporal. He talks about what he learned and if that helps him in his racing career.

Bottas served as part of his mandatory service and rose up to the rank of lance corporal. In an interview with Hypebeast he was asked if he learned anything while serving that can help him in his racing career.

“I think I was there during the winter between 2008 and 2009,” said the Finn.

“I felt like it turned me from a boy to a man. You definitely learn more about yourself. You also learn to work well with a team and the benefit of being able to work for something bigger together as a group.

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“Driving skills I didn’t really learn, but I learned how to shoot and how to start fires in -30 degrees Celsius during the Finnish winter.

“Of course I learned some form of discipline aside from a lot of cool experiences, and it definitely put things into perspective.

“I remember we had this training program in the forest for two weeks in a row and we had to sleep in those freezing conditions.

“Once we got back to the base camp, I felt so happy just being in an actual bed in a room,” concluded Bottas.

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