Lazenby thinks Hamilton’s future “depends on this upgrade set”

Source: Mercedes F1 Twitter

Sky Sports’ Simon Lazenby says he thinks Lewis Hamilton’s “decision about his future depends on this upgrade set”.

Mercedes is set to introduce its first big upgrade of 2023 at the Monaco Grand Prix, and some suspect it will be a major overhaul of the W14.

With recent (completely unsubstantiated) rumours linking Lewis Hamilton with Ferrari, Sky Sports’ Simon Lazenby said he believes Mercedes’ upgrade package will play a large part in Lewis’ decision on his future.

“I think a lot of Lewis’ decision about his future depends on this upgrade set,” Lazenby said.

“When you look back to what happened last year, the hopes for the W13 coming out of the simulator was that it was going to blow the rest of them away, it was going to blow Red Bull away and it was going to blow Ferrari away.

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“The correlation between what happened there and reality, well we all know the story – Red Bull went with the undercut sidepod philosophy which everyone has moved towards, whereas Mercedes had this exposed floor and then the porpoising happened, they had to stiffen the floor and couldn’t raise the rear ride height enough and it turned into bouncing.

“All of this year’s problems have come from the fact that I think they were just tantalised by those figures which said ‘we are going to completely and utterly destroy the field, let’s stick with it’.

“We get into this year and all of the limitations that were created by having to try to solve those problems, including keeping Lewis further up front in terms of his seating position so he doesn’t feel the rear of his car, they just had to have a reset and a complete rethink of their philosophy.

“If they’ve got it wrong this time, what happens with the no-blame culture then?” the Briton concluded.

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