‘Lewis comes from a position of strength compared to Max’ – Rosberg

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Nico Rosberg says Mercedes is beating Red Bull “in pace, in posture, in attitude, everything” and points to Max Verstappen “losing his cool” at a Hungarian Grand Prix press conferece.

After the Hungarian Grand Prix Qualifying Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were asked what their mindset will be in the race coming into Turn 1, considering the collision they had at the British Grand Prix.

The question seemed to irritate the young Dutch driver, as he snapped at the journalists.

“Can we just already stop about this,” Max shouted.

“We’ve had so many ******* questions about this. It’s just ridiculous.”

Lewis, however, just shrugged his shoulders in response. 2016 F1 champion Nico Rosberg took it as a sign that Lewis has the upper hand in the mental battle between the two drivers.

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“I would say if you look at the grand scheme of things, Mercedes are having the upper hand now in everything, in pace, in posture, in attitude, everything,” Rosberg told Sky Sports F1.

“Max Verstappen, we saw him in the press conference losing his cool, really shouting a little bit at the journalists and that really plays into Mercedes’ hands at the moment.

“[Hamilton] is very smart. He knows how to deal with all the situations that are thrown at him. He is very smart at saying the right things in the press.

“Verstappen lost his cool when it was a journalist asking if they were going to collide again at Turn 1.

“Verstappen was shouting and Lewis just did a shrug of the shoulders and it was a position of strength from him,” concluded the German.

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