Lewis Hamilton: “A couple of bad races is not going to stop us”

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Amid Mercedes’ performance issues, Lewis Hamilton has “no doubts” that the team will eventually return to their path of success.

Mercedes is currently in the middle of the worst start to a season for the team since the turbo hybrid era began in 2014.

At the Miami Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was asked who he is drawing his inspiration from in these circumstances.

“I wouldn’t say there was one individual during this time that I am focused on,” the Briton said.

“I think I look all around me, and I see I tried to ignore the negative that I see. I’m not really watching the news a lot, but there’s so many inspiring characters out there.

“And I think just continuously proving that you never give up, you keep pushing.”

Lewis then reiterated he has full confidence in Mercedes to turn things around.

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“I love working with this team. Being in a team is such a privilege and working with so many people towards a common goal.

“And everyone lifted each other up. Incredible how supportive everyone has been through the difficult times, and then we’ve had the most incredible times together.

“So, you know, a couple of bad races is not going to stop us in our tracks. This is where we unite: this is where we learn more about ourselves as individuals; this is where we, we grow the most.

“And it makes that eventual success – which I have no doubts we will eventually get to – taste even better,” Hamilton concluded.

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