Lewis Hamilton: “Abu Dhabi was a difficult period of time”

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Lewis Hamilton opens up about his period of media silence after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and says he’s now “come back to fight for that eighth”.

Following the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and Max Verstappen’s controversial 2021 title win, Lewis Hamilton has withdrawn from the public eye for two months.

He even walked away from social media, and all that was left was media speculation around whether he’ll even return to Formula 1.

Now, at a Q&A even organized by Mercedes’ sponsor Petronas, Lewis opened up about this period.

“The off-season has been a bit different,” the Briton said.

“It’s been a bit crazy. Abu Dhabi was a difficult period of time, probably for all of us. We are living in a crazy time in the world but I had to unplug.

“Just so you know if anyone wants to do it, unplugging from social media is a really good thing. I missed everyone that follows and supports but I needed the time to re-centre and refocus.

“I was with my family, trying to be the best uncle I can be, rebuilding, and I’ve come back to fight.”

Lewis added that the situation in Abu Dhabi taught him that even suffering a terrible and dissapointing loss can lead to a win in life.

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“My whole life has been about winning,” he explained.

“I’ve been racing 29 years, so I think having that mentality of always knowing you can be better, but I think during this time, realising it’s not everything and sometimes when you lose, you actually win and grow.

“My advice is don’t be afraid of failure. You will always meet failure on the way to success. I’ve come back to fight for that eighth – that’s what I’m here for.”

In the end Lewis sends out a warning to his rivals – he’s in the best shape of his life!

“I’m always trying to be the best version of myself. We are living in a crazy time in the world and I think for all of us trying to stay focused on being happy, finding that happy centre, being the best you can be every single day.

“I think right now for me it’s about being the healthiest I can be. Today, I feel the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been. I feel more focused. I know exactly what I want and I know exactly how to get there.

“It’s not an easy road, but I know together we can do it,” concluded Hamilton.

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