Lewis Hamilton: “Anyone can wear whatever they want”

Source: Lewis Hamilton’s Twitter

Lewis Hamilton’s fashion choices have often been criticised by some observers, but he hopes they will eventually “let people be who they want to be”.

Lewis Hamilton’s love of fashion is well documented. Not only is he a regular at fashion events, but he also likes to showcase his style at the races.

In Turkey the Briton showed up with a black kilt and trousers, and a matching Burberry jacket. When asked, Lewis explained how he picked his outfit.

“It’s quite daring,” Hamilton said.

“I really like what Burberry is doing, and I just love the outfit. I go through all these different images online and find things that I like.

“I did a shoot with GQ a couple years ago with a kilt, and it was one that we specially made with Tommy Hilfiger, which was again just gender neutral.

“Anyone can wear whatever they want. There will be people that don’t understand it, but that’s okay. Hopefully they’ll eventually go through the opening their mind phase and let people be who they want to be.”

He went on to explain why he loves to be able to “express” himself at the races.

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“It’s a much different world naturally to F1. F1’s obviously not focused on that and it’s obviously very corporate. There is no fashion, actually, in F1.

“I always felt like it was always a place that it wasn’t easy to be yourself. And when I went to a fashion show, when you’re in a fashion week for example, you’re surrounded by people from all different walks of life, expressing themselves in different ways.

“I love that environment where I’m able to be able to express myself. I now do that on the racetrack. And I feel free to be able to do so.”

The Briton says he also likes to be able to ‘unplug’ from the sport with the help from his other interests.

“I love being able to separate from the sport, and the intensity of this whole season is difficult for everyone that’s at the track.

“So to be able to have something else, another outlet, that you can focus on helps take the weight off it.

“So when I come back, it always feels fresh when I come to a GP, because it’s not something I’ve been thinking about every single day,” concluded the seven-time champion.

Here’s a look at Lewis’ Turkish Grand Prix outfit!

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