Lewis Hamilton believes he has become a more “dangerous” driver

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Lewis Hamilton talks about the changes he has made to his pre-season preparations and describes his pre-race mindset and rituals.

In a recent video on Mercedes’ official Twitter page, Lewis Hamilton was asked if he believes the changes he has made to his pre-season preparations have made him a more “dangerous” driver.

“I would say so,” Lewis said.

“Naturally, your body does age, you do fatigue as you get older, it is a slower recovery. But I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m too down in the slope, I still feel like I’m relatively at the top!

“I feel I am more efficient in how I train. I’m much more in tune with my body in terms of knowing when I can push and when I can’t push, when I am recovered and when I am not, how I am feeding my body in terms of fuelling it.

“I am way more into that than ever before, sleep, all these sorts of things. I’ve got all the experience over the years; I’ve got the great rapport of my team.

“We’ve been together 10 years so I think we probably have the strongest partnership I would say.”

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The Briton then went on to describe how he approaches pre-race preparations.

“I’ve just personally found – it’s not the same for everyone, but for me it’s just about being as calm as I can be.

“It’s calming the nerves, calming your thoughts, slowing it all down so that you can execute smoothly and efficiently.

“I don’t need to be doing sprints before I go out. I’ve tried all that stuff and it didn’t work for me. It just made me hot-headed, and I overacted to certain things that I was experiencing.

“Just before the race I’ve usually got some music in my mind that I’ve been listening too. I kind of switch off.  I’ve being doing this for such a long time, I don’t need to overthink what I’m going to do.

“I’ve done all the studying and the preparation for it, now I will go and do what I do, what I’ve done my whole life, just go and have fun,” Hamilton concluded.

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