Lewis Hamilton blasts the FIA’s governing of the Monaco GP

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Lewis Hamilton says the FIA’s reasons for delaying the Monaco Grand Prix were not good enough, because “we’re Formula 1 drivers”.

The actual start of the Monaco Grand Prix got delayed quite considerably due to rain, and it took more than an hour for the race to get going under green flag conditions.

In their statement after the race, this is how the FIA explained its decision:

“Race control was monitoring a downpour that was rapidly approaching the circuit, and as it arrived during the start procedure, the safety car start and associated procedures were implemented,” the statement read.

“This was done for safety reasons in consideration that there has been no wet running this weekend.”

Afterwards, Lewis Hamilton dismissed their reasoning.

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“When it first started raining we could’ve gone,” Lewis said.

“But then it went really hard. I’m glad the rain came but it didn’t really open up much opportunity.

“We’re Formula 1 drivers – that’s definitely not a good reason. I was saying ‘Let’s go’ when it was just drizzling a little bit at the beginning.

“I’m sure when we talk in the drivers’ briefing room we’ll discuss it, but we should have started the race,” Hamilton concluded.

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