Lewis Hamilton calls his US GP disqualification a “ridiculous kind of event”

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Lewis Hamilton says “every time we take steps forward within the sport, something like“ his post United States Grand Prix disqualification “really taints it”.

Lewis Hamilton finished the United States Grand Prix in P2, however he was later disqualified from the race because his car failed the post-race inspection.

The cause was excessive wear on his car’s floor plank, the same issue that was also found on Charles Leclerc’s car, who was also disqualified.

Lewis already said he believes a lot more cars on the grid would have failed the test, had they been tested, and now he gives a suggestion on how the FIA could deal with these situations in the future.

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“Every time we take steps forward within the sport, something like that really taints it,” the Briton told Sky Sports F1.

“So, I think we’ve got to do something. Rather than checking everybody and over 50% of the car is failing, which I would put all my money on it that they would have…

“Instead, for example, when we’re having a Sprint race maybe we should be able to change just the skid or the floor, whatever it is on the Saturday night, so on Sunday you don’t have this ridiculous kind of event afterwards,” Hamilton concluded.

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