Lewis Hamilton calls Monaco “one of the crown jewels of our sport”

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Lewis Hamilton says he would hate to see Formula 1 drop the historic Monaco Grand Prix from the calendar to make room for new races.

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of, if not the most historic Formula 1 race. However, many have blasted it for usually being rather boring, because the narrow streets don’t allow for a lot of overtaking.

Recently there has been some uncertainty regarding Monaco’s future in Formula 1, so at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Friday press conference Lewis Hamilton was asked how important was it to keep the race on the calendar.

“It’s one of the crown jewels of our sport, so I’m not really sure it would be great to lose it,” the Briton said.

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“There are good bits… I guess that the difficult part is that the racing itself is not that spectacular. But everyone that goes enjoys it. It is a prime location.

“Adjusting the track is not easy, because it’s the second smallest country in the world. I think it’s the second or third smallest country? Second, right? And so, yeah, we don’t have a lot of space there.

“Many of us live in Monaco. But it is just that that icon status it has, the history that it has that is so appealing to drivers,”

“But also I think to those that are watching,” Hamilton concluded.

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