Lewis Hamilton comments on a potential driver salary cap

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Lewis Hamilton has for a long time been the highest-paid Formula 1 driver, but with a possible driver salary cap, those levels of salaries might become a thing of the past.

There has been a lot of discussion about a possible salary cap for drivers in Formula 1, as their salaries are excluded from the current budget cap.

Ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was asked to give his comments, especially considering that a driver salary cap could put off those who invest in young drivers’ careers, because the potential of future returns on their investment would be limited.

“It’s a difficult question to answer,” the Briton said.

“I don’t really have all the facts. And I don’t really… have not really spent time thinking too much about it. So I can’t give you a factual answer on what is right or wrong.

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“I think there’s many of us that have been here who have had been heavily invested in as youngsters and have had to pay that back which you would naturally want to do anyway.

“And so that, for sure, could be impacted in the future for the younger generation. Also, we have to remember that this sport has gone from what is it, like a $4-$6 billion business to a $14 billion dollar business.

“It’s consistently growing, the teams are earning more money than ever before. So… and we are a huge part of that.

“And so… look, I won’t be here for like a huge amount longer but I do think about the next the younger generation and I don’t feel that they should be kept,” Hamilton concluded.

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