Lewis Hamilton comments on Toto Wolff’s absence from the Qatar GP

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After missing the Japanese Grand Prix two weeks ago, Toto Wolff is again forced to miss the Qatar Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton responds to those saying his role had diminished during his absence.

After undergoing a knee operation ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff was forced to miss the race weekend.

Toto is also not in Qatar this weekend, but Lewis Hamilton says he is very much involved, just as much as he would be if he was there in person.

“Toto’s in every meeting,” Lewis said.

“I saw someone wrote the other day that he had to call in or something for the last race… it was BS.

“Toto, even though he is not here in person – he is obviously devastated he can’t be here – he is a part of every single meeting.

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“He dialled into the meeting today, he will dial into the meeting tomorrow morning, he’ll be in the meeting in the afternoon.

“He is on the comms just like the guys back at the factory are on the comms for strategy on the weekend.

“He is still 100 per cent fully a part, he’s just not physically here in the country, but he is still a part of those meetings, he speaks in all the meetings as he does when he’s here.

“He has worked incredibly hard to set up this team to be where it is today, and he should be able to have weekends off without a problem – he is the boss.

“I just tell him we will be pushing and not to worry.”

The Briton also talked about their strong personal relationship.

“Toto and I are in contact all the time, we are good friends and teammates. We do a lot of talking about cars.

“We hang when I am back home, we have lunch, and we talk a lot about… I am trying to learn from Toto as a businessman, and he is always massively supportive.

“You’re gonna see some things that will shift at least into next year but my progress, he has been such a huge part of that, being open-minded, allowing me to be who I am.

“We have done so much more than I think any other partnership that we have seen in the sport on many levels,” Hamilton concluded.

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