Lewis Hamilton discusses the ‘awkwardness’ of his current situation

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Lewis Hamilton was asked how he’s dealing with the ‘awkwardness’ of being asked about Ferrari and asked to sign Ferrari caps, while he’s still with Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton will join Ferrari in 2025, but before that he is still a Mercedes driver until the end of the current season. This, however, does not prevent journalists from constantly asking him about Ferrari.

Now, ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, Lewis was asked how he deals with the ‘awkwardness’ of being asked questions about Ferrari, about Adrian Newey’s possible switch to Ferrari, having to tell fans he will sign Mercedes caps, and not Ferrari caps, and so on.

“I’ve never been in this situation before, so it’s a unique scenario,” Hamilton said.

“On one side, I’m really excited for turning up and working with my guys, and then I’m excited for the future at the same time.

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“And also, just in terms of how fans have responded, it’s been great, because I’m kind of mingling with fans from both teams.

“But, you know, right now my heart’s still with Mercedes and I really want to continue to deliver and lift them up. That’s not only my job, but my desire this year.

“And as difficult as it’s been, we still rally together and I’m really proud of everyone that I’m working with. And I’m really hoping that the year gets better.

“I don’t want to say it can’t get worse, but I definitely think we will improve,” the Briton concluded.

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