Lewis Hamilton discusses the “pretty challenging” Las Vegas GP

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After the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton says “there are strengths” within the W14, “but sometimes it’s just really hard to get the performance out of it”.

Lewis Hamilton had quite an eventful Las Vegas Grand Prix, which included contact with Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz AND McLaren’s Oscar Piastri.

He ultimately managed to finish the race in P7.

“It was a pretty challenging race,” the Briton said afterwards.

“I started on the Hard tyre which was tricky at the beginning. I got hit by someone behind a big hit, I think it was from Carlos [Sainz].

“Then I was just trying not to hit the cars that spun round and I fell back I think five or six places.”

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When asked about his collision with Piastri, Lewis said:

“I don’t really know exactly what happened. I thought I didn’t have a puncture immediately, so I was accelerating and just as I got alongside the pit lane entry, I felt the rear was moving, and I was too late to come in.

“So I had to do a whole slow lap. I must have lost like 40 seconds or something with everything, but grateful that I was able to come back.”

Ultimately, Lewis had this to say about Mercedes’ car:

“There are strengths within that car, but sometimes it’s just really hard to get the performance out of it.”

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