Lewis Hamilton explains his race weekend fashion choices

Source: Mercedes F1 Twitter

Lewis Hamilton explains how he chooses his race weekend clothes, and why he loves to express himself through fashion.

When a race weekend begins, one thing’s for certain, Lewis Hamilton will attract attention with his fashion choices. Corriere della Sera asked Lewis how he chooses his outfits.

“I don’t have time for shopping,” Hamilton said.

“I watch fashion shows online, read websites and magazines, take photos with my phone and send them to a friend who has a personal stylist. And he helps me get my clothes back.

“Then we meet and evaluate the different options. There is a lot of preparation behind it.”

Asked why he puts that much effort into this, Lewis said:

“Because I like it and because one day I’ll open my own fashion house. Even if I will never become either Valentino or Karl Lagerfeld.”

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He was then asked if he finds it contradictory that a race is being held in Monte Carlo, “the realm of luxury”, while a war is being fought nearby in Ukraine.

“It is difficult to accept it,” Lewis said.

“But it goes for everything: for concerts, for fights, life goes on. But I can’t watch the images of the bombings, I have to turn off the TV.”

Asked what he does to help those in need in Ukraine, Lewis said:

“I help a couple of organizations in Ukraine to find funds for refugees, I make appeals.”

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