Lewis Hamilton explains some of his 2021 mishaps

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Lewis Hamilton had his fair share of bad luck and accidents throughout the 2021 season. The Briton explains the ones at Imola and Baku.

One of the unfortunate situations happened at the 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, when Lewis Hamilton slid into the gravel while trying to lap George Russell.

The Briton admits it was a mistake on his part.

“In Imola I knew that I couldn’t lose another seven points,” Hamilton told Auto Motor und Sport.

“In retrospect, you could perhaps say that I was too impatient and too aggressive. I can tell you that it was painful when I drove into the gravel.

“If only I had been a little more patient with the laps. But at that moment I was only thinking of catching up with Max.

“That was not good. That was a clear mistake.”

However in Baku Lewis accidentally hit the ‘brake magic’ button on his steering wheel while the race was being restarted, which caused him to fly off the circuit.

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The Briton, however, says this one was not a classic driving mistake.

“When I look at Baku, I don’t see it as a driving mistake. That was more of a problem with the car. This mistake had to happen at some point.

“There was no border around the ‘Magic Button’, the button that deactivates the brakes on the rear axle so that the front brakes and tyres can be heated up more quickly.

“I’ve always positioned my hand when operating the clutch so that that I don’t downshift by mistake. Then the button was activated when swiping over. And I had no idea about it.

“That was a mistake, but it wasn’t a driving mistake. It was just unfortunate. As a result, I lost a lot of points that I will never get back.

“We made changes afterwards so that it wouldn’t happen again,” concluded the seven-time champion.

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