Lewis Hamilton expresses support for Daniel Ricciardo

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After it was announced that Daniel Ricciardo is leaving McLaren at the end of 2022, Lewis Hamilton says he thinks the Australian “deserves a place here in the sport”.

McLaren has announced that the team will drop Daniel Ricciardo at the end of 2022, although his original contract was supposed to run until the end of 2023. Now, the Australian’s future in Formula 1 is in question.

Ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton expressed his support for Daniel.

“It’s really unfortunate for Daniel, but I really, really hope that… I still think he has he deserves a place here in the sport,” Lewis said.

“So I really hope there’s somewhere great for him, because he’s still got lots to achieve.”

The Briton then gave his opinion on the pros and cons of having a long-term vs short-term contract in F1.

“Just from my personal experience, I think there’s pros and cons always in all different scenarios.

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“I remember when I signed at McLaren, I signed a loan deal. And I think that was good at the time.

“When you do short deals… it takes time to bond with a team, it takes time to build relationships, it’s not something that you can do in half a year or a year.

“I’m incredibly grateful for my journey with my team because we’re still continuously improving and growing closer and, and starting to actually create some change.

“But to each their own, whatever works. I look down, and see what other drivers are doing. It doesn’t matter what I think, whether I think it’s right or wrong, it’s what they feel is right.

“And at the end of the day, just the opportunity to re-sign with the team is an amazing scenario,” Hamilton concluded.

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