Lewis Hamilton further explains his new yellow helmet design

© Wolfgang Wilhelm for Daimler AG

Lewis Hamilton says he decided to go with a bright yellow design for his 2022 helmet so that the viewers can more easily distinguish between the two Mercedes cars.

Prior to the start of the 2022 season Lewis Hamilton presented a new predominantly yellow design for his helmet and explained he wanted to “show love” to his “beginnings”.

The colour is also used on several design elements of the W13. He now further explains how he decided to use this specific colour.

“What I’ve noticed and [am] sensitive to, [is if] those that are watching the grands prix can’t tell the difference between the two cars, and that was an issue I brought up to the team,” the Briton said.

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“I spent hours at home after the [car] launch with my iPad, taking a picture and you’re editing [it on] some sort of editor, and sending these pictures of what the car livery would look better as to Toto [Wolff, Mercedes team boss] and to Ola [Kallenius, chairman of the board of the Mercede-Benz Group].

“I did some research, I looked for what the most popping colour would be, and came back to yellow. So we put that on the car.

“Then I realised you still can’t see the helmets with these halos, so I decided to bring some real light to the helmet,” Hamilton concluded.

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