Lewis Hamilton gives verdict on Miami GP pre-race celebration

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Lewis Hamilton gives his verdict on the polarizing Miami Grand Prix pre-race celebration that featured musicians LL Cool J and will.i.am.

Moments before the Miami Grand Prix started, there was a spectacular pre-race celebration organized featuring musicians LL Cool J and will.i.am, who introduced the drivers.

While some drivers didn’t like the spectacle, Lewis Hamilton says he enjoyed it.

“I think it’s cool that the sport is continuously growing and evolving and they’re not just doing the same thing they’ve done in the past,” Lewis said.

“They’re trying new things, they’re trying to improve the show always, and I’m in full support of it.

“Geez, I grew up listening to LL Cool J, and LL Cool J was there. That’s cool. You look over, you’ve got will.i.am who’s an incredible artist. You’ve got Serena and Venus [Williams] standing there.

“I thought it was cool,” Hamilton concluded.

George Russell on the other hand wasn’t blown away by the ceremony.

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“We spoke about it as drivers on Friday night [in the drivers’ meeting],” Russell said.

“Everybody’s got different personalities. I guess it’s the American way of doing things, doing sport.

“Personally, probably not for me. But you know, that’s just my personal opinion. I’m here to race you know, I’m not here for the show.

“I’m a driver, I’m here to win, and I guess we have to roll with it. It is distracting because, you know, we were on the grid for half an hour in all of our overalls in the sun.

“I don’t think there are any other sports in the world that 30 minutes before you go out to do your business that you’re out there in the sun, all the cameras on you, and making a bit of a show of it.

“[I] Can appreciate that in the entertainment world, but as I said, we only want the best for the sport.

“We’re open to changes, but I guess we wouldn’t want to see it every weekend,” he concluded.

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