Lewis Hamilton hasn’t “noticed any hostility” from Dutch fans

© Sebastian Kawka for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix ltd.

The Austrian Grand Prix plans to host 100,000 Formula 1 fans this Sunday, 60,000 of which are Dutch, mostly Max Verstappen fans.

Of course with the fierce championship battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen this year, it is expected that there will be a few jeers aimed at the Briton during the podium celebration, especially if he manages to win the race.

However, Lewis says he hasn’t noticed much hostility from Dutch fans for now.

“I’ve never noticed any hostility really here,” said the seven-time champion.

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“I think there was one time some fans were a bit negative on the podium, but I’m able to let that go over my head.

“I appreciate the fans and I love the energy they bring. As a fan of other sports, I know what it’s like to be against one team and for another, so I totally respect it.

“It’s no problem,” concluded Hamilton.

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