Lewis Hamilton: “I am done with the shaking”

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After the worst bouncing he experienced so far with the W13, Lewis Hamilton says he is “looking forward to some more open track” and “praying that it is not as bumpy as here”.

Due to the characteristics of the Monaco street circuit, Lewis Hamilton spent most of the Monaco Grand Prix stuck behind Esteban Ocon and then Fernando Alonso, even though he was obviously much faster than both of them.

After the race, Lewis said he is not letting this fact bother him

“What is the good in letting it eat me away?” asked the Briton.

“It is what it is and there is nothing I can do about it. I will be back again at the factory and we will try again next race.”

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Lewis also added that in Monaco he experienced the worst bouncing so far in 2022.

“I am praying that the car doesn’t feel like it does here because here it has felt the worst it has so far with the bumps.

“My teeth and my jaw going the whole time, I am done with the shaking. Ours is so stiff that the suspension is driving it back into the ground.

“I am looking forward to some more open track and I am praying that it is not as bumpy as here,” Hamilton concluded.

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