Lewis Hamilton: “I am still chasing this title”

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Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes is working hard to close the gap to Red Bull, which includes simulator work that he admits he doesn’t enjoy.

Earlier this year Lewis Hamilton admitted he didn’t like doing work in the simulator, so it was surprising when Mercedes Technical Director James Allison said the Briton was “running a lot of simulator laps last week and he is as committed as anybody in making sure that we find the edge that we need to”.

During the Austrian Grand Prix Thursday press conference Hamilton was asked about his simulator work.

“Well I can’t say that I necessarily enjoyed it,” Lewis said.

“Just really, particularly after those last difficult races we had, I just went in to see if there’s any way I can help the team be better prepared.

“I think there’s been a couple of good things from it but not life-changing so I’ll continue to work with Anthony [Davidson, Mercedes’ simulator driver].

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“And we’ve got drivers not here that do a lot of work, so just working on the processes of how we communicate with them in a programme so we’re getting the right things tested.

“So I think overall it’s been positive.”

The seven-time champion also praised Red Bull for their recent performances.

“I mean, they’ve done a great job in the last four races. It’s been really difficult for us from Monaco, which obviously was a bit of a disaster, same for Baku, better for France, better last weekend.

“However they have taken a step ahead of us and so we’re just working as hard as we can to see if there is a way we can close that gap. We’re not even halfway through the season.

“So I am still chasing this title,” concluded the Briton.

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