Lewis Hamilton: “I cannot keep silent during this time“

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After winning his seventh Formula 1 world title and becoming the most successful F1 driver in history, Lewis Hamilton is determined to use his voice to spark change.

Throughout the 2020 season Hamilton has been very vocal about racial injustice. In an interview with the Guardian, Hamilton says he wants to use his influence to push for change.

“Competing and winning championships is a great thing, but what does it really mean? It doesn´t mean anything unless you can help push for change,” said Hamilton.

“I cannot keep silent during this time. It’s not enough to be not racist. You have to be anti-racist. You have to be against racism and supporting these movements.”

The Briton was also the main driving force behind Formula 1 drivers performing the ‘taking the knee’ gesture before the races, in support of racial equality. He says some drivers still don’t fully understand the significance of the gesture.

“There are some drivers who don’t take the knee, and there are athletes out there that don’t. But they stand alongside their teammates still.

“There are some drivers that I’ve worked with who took the knee initially and they’re like: How long am I supposed to do this for?

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“And it’s an interesting question for them because it obviously shows a lack of understanding. It is very symbolic to continue to utilise that platform and use that message.

“And it´s important to continue to do it, to keep awareness, because otherwise this thing could die a quiet death and go back to how it was in the past. So I don´t see this changing for some time.”

However Hamilton is not satisfied with just gestures, he wants to see a lasting change.

“Yes, we have this Black Lives Matter moment and there’s a mic and people are hearing it, but you´ve got to really do the work to activate change.”

The seven-time champion also said he would like to continue to work with Liberty Media on bringing new audiences to Formula 1, even after his career is over.

“I´ll probably do that as a side job. I honestly couldn´t be more excited about it. On one side, I don´t want the time to ever go by fast.

“On the other, I can´t wait till I start this new chapter of my life,” concluded the Briton.

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