Lewis Hamilton: “I don’t understand why we’re going heavier”

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With Formula 1 cars in 2022 set to be heavier than ever, Lewis Hamilton says he doesn’t understand why F1 chooses to go heavier every year.

Current Formula 1 cars are weighing almost 750kg, which is a lot heavier than they were in the pre-turbo hybrid era (prior to 2014).

In 2022 they are set to get even heavier, with the minimum weight set at 790kg. Lewis Hamilton is puzzled by Formula 1’s choice to go heavier.

“I don’t understand why we’re going heavier,” the Briton said.

“I don’t understand particularly why we go heavier when there’s all this talk about being more sustainable – just as the sport is going in that direction.

“By going heavier and heavier and heavier, you’re using more and more energy. So that feels that’s not necessarily in the right direction or in the thought process.”

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The cars are also much bigger than they were in the past, something that, according to Hamilton, is not increasing the qualify of the racing.

“The lighter cars were more nimble, were nowhere near as big, naturally, and so racing, manoeuvring the car, was better.

“On the tracks we’re going to, they’re getting wider. In Baku it’s quite wide in places and of course it’s narrow in other places.

“Monaco was always relatively impossible to pass, but now the cars are so big that it’s too big for the track.

“And, as I said, as we get heavier and heavier, that’s more energy we’ve got to dissipate – bigger brakes, more brake dust, more fuel to get you to the locations.

“So, I don’t fully understand it,” concluded the seven-time champion.

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