Lewis Hamilton: “I feel fresher and healthier than ever”

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Lewis Hamilton talks about how he’s spending his time during the prolonged Formula 1 break and says he is feeling better than ever.

The 2020 Formula 1 season was put on hold in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, leaving the drivers on a prolonged break until at least July. Hamilton says he is trying to make the best of the downtime.

“There have been times in the past five years that I thought a rest would be good for body and mind,” said the Briton.

“For an athlete in their prime, it’s never a good thing to step away for a year but we have been handed a part-sabbatical, which I am enjoying. I feel fresher and healthier than ever.

“And it has given me more energy and inspiration and determination to keep delivering and keep working with this great team. So I’m excited for the future.”

The 34-year old is aware how hard the self-isolation period can impact ones mental state, but he urges everyone to make the best of it.

“The struggle for everyone I think is keeping your mind clear. Some days you’re sluggish and other days you’re positive.

“But the key is trying to remain centred, find things you enjoy doing that you perhaps haven’t had time to do in the past.

“Don’t waste this time. That’s a really important thing – not to waste this time.

“I miss driving. But you have to look at the positives. And if you look around the world, the skies are clearer, people are probably appreciating this time and their families and relationships more.

“There are so many things to come out of this and I really hope we can all grow from this experience and that it passes soon.”

One of the ways Hamilton chose to spend his time is learning a new language.

“I’ve always wanted to learn a language and I still don’t know any other language, it’s embarrassing, and I feel it’s probably similar for other people.

“I aced French at school, the only thing I aced, so going on this online course, the thing is it’s a six-week course and you’re supposed to do half an hour a day, and when I do things I do them to the extreme so I sat down and did one week in two hours basically, just doing one week a day!

“So I was already at like week four by the fourth day and my mind I was so stressed, and wasn’t enjoying it, so then I stopped, and tried to get back into it!”

You can listen to Hamilton talk about this and a lot more on Mercedes’ YouTube “In Conversation With…” series.

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