Lewis Hamilton: “I feel like I can take the team to more championships”

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Lewis Hamilton explains why he feels he can continue racing into his 40s, and adds “there’s more stuff to achieve together” with Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton’s current contract with Mercedes runs out at the end of 2023, but the Briton said he is preparing to negotiate a new “multi-year” contract.

At the Mexican Grand Prix, he explained how his life has been set up so that he still feels motivated and energized.

“I’m just in a happy place,” the Briton said..

“I’m a lot more grounded, I’ve got my home that I get to spend time in in the UK when I come to see the team for example, my family come down.

“I have a lot better set-up just all round. And I feel like I can take the team to more championships.”

Lewis also said he found inspiration in the way that the Mercedes team rallied together during difficult times in 2022.

“That’s been a really interesting process, and I’m grateful to be a part of it. I can’t wait for the time that we get back to success, that we finally get that win and we get that championship.

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“It’s going to make all these tough moments worthwhile.”

He also explained how he’s more focused with his training and diet.

“So it’s about being more meticulous with your diet, being more meticulous with your training.

“Like for example, I did pilates with a good friend of mine the other day that’s an Olympic athlete, and it was so funny because it was something that we’d never really done before.

“I’d done pilates, but just adding different things that you wouldn’t normally do, being more specific with your daily routine, way more than when I was 22 – I wasn’t doing the things that I’m doing today.”

Lewis also said he takes care of his mental wellbeing, and is never allowing himself to get overloaded.

“I never let that get to that point. It’s just about being balanced. I say no to so many things. I get asked every day to do so many different things, and I’m able to push back and say no.

“If I know that’s going to affect my preparation, getting in the way of my training or my time with my team, or have any possible impact on my race weekend, it’s a big no.

“That’s with friends, that’s with relationships. This is what I’m focused on.”

As for how long he can continue racing in Formula 1, Lewis says he will not put a “limit” on it.

“I’m not putting a limit on it, to be honest. I really, really don’t know what the next five years [hold], I think we’re still trying to work on that.

“There’s a lot of great things that are being put in place, like I’ve just launched a production company this week.

“But I feel great in mind and body, I think there’s more stuff to achieve together,” Lewis concluded.

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