Lewis Hamilton: ‘I feel young, energised and very grateful’

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Lewis Hamilton talks about his feelings after he broke the all-time most career wins record and adds he now studies “more than I’ve ever studied”.

Hamilton made history at the Portuguese Grand Prix after he scored his 92nd career victory and broke the all-time record. Needless to say the six-time champion was ecstatic.

“I feel fantastic. Very humbled,” Hamilton told Sky Sports F1 after the race.

“Very difficult to explain the feeling. I feel young, I feel energised. And, of course, I’m very grateful. I’m constantly thinking of the guys I’m working with.”

The Briton goes on to explain how even after 92 race wins, he still feels nervous before each grand prix.

“Each race – and each race win particularly – there have been certain characteristics, a different journey, each time.

“The crazy thing about this is that I would have thought I would get used to things. But I was getting ready, getting my helmet on in the garage today [and there were] nerves, uncertainty.

“Have I remembered my strategy? Have I remembered my switch settings? All these different things you go through and it’s still terrifying!

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“You wake up on a Sunday and every Sunday you feel different. It’s hard to register – am I good today?

“There are days I’m getting in the car on the grid and I’m like ‘I don’t feel good, this is not going to go well’ then I drive the best ever.

“Then I have days that I feel really good and it’s not so good. So you never know what to expect but all I try to do is by preparing myself the best way I can.”

Despite his 92 wins, Hamilton says he now prepares even more than he did when he was younger and less experienced.

“Even though I’ve had all the success, I study more than I’ve ever studied. I practice multiple things, that’s why you’re seeing certain things done as consistent as they are.

“Also I work with incredible people. They really, really are phenomenal. You look at the reliability I’ve had [one retirement in the last 79 races and none in the last 45] – that’s no coincidence.

“That’s done from the guys really not taking no for an answer and people not sitting back on success, and continuing to develop together.”

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