Lewis Hamilton: “I think this year we’ve had our wings clipped”

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Lewis Hamilton explains how hard the 2021 season has been so far, as he compares it with 2007, his debut season and his first title fight.

Considering the Brazilian Grand Prix is expected to favour Red Bull, Mercedes is facing a “steep” task to try and hit back at the Austrian team. Lewis Hamilton agrees.

“I would imagine as steep as it can be,” said the Briton at the Thursday press conference.

“I think their pace was phenomenal obviously in the last race. They’ve had a strong car all year. They’ve had the strongest car as you can tell so I think we’ve done as good as I think we could.

“We’ll be pushing this weekend to see if we can squeeze any more out of the car. Last time here they were incredibly strong so we anticipate again they’ll be very hard to beat this weekend but where there’s a will there’s a way.”

An important reason why Red Bull has managed to be so strong this season, is because the new F1 rules favoured their high-rake design philosophy over Mercedes’ low-rake concept.

When asked if 2021 is one of his hardest seasons, Lewis mentioned this fact as one of the reasons that made the season difficut.

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“It’s just another year, they are always tough. In lots of different ways, I think this year we’ve obviously had our wings clipped so it’s been harder from an operational standpoint to maximise the car.

“Obviously the battle we [McLaren] had back in the day when we were younger against the Ferraris, they were very strong back then so it’s all similar. I don’t rate one harder than the other, they’ve all been hard in their own way.”

Hamilton also further explained what he meant when he said Mercedes’ wings have been”clipped”.

“She’s just a bit harder to set up this year and I guess – it’s really difficult to explain, too many elements to go into in terms of details but it’s just a harder car to optimise.

“Some weekends it works, some weekends it doesn’t but to land on the ground with the simulations in the right place is a little harder this year, but it’s similar for others.

“In Austin the Red Bulls were quite far off then they switched it around. Getting the maximum potential out of the car has been harder this year,” concluded the Briton.

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