Lewis Hamilton: “I truly believe we can win a race this year“

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Lewis Hamilton says he “definitely wasn’t sure” if Mercedes could “get a win in this car”, but now he believes they “can win a race this year”.

Ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton said the progress Mercedes made with their car at the British Grand Prix is really encouraging.

“A long way back, earlier this year, I definitely wasn’t sure that we’d get a win in this car,” Hamilton said.

“That was definitely not the way we like to think but it was that feeling that ‘Jesus, there’s a long, long way to catch everyone up’. But definitely hugely encouraging.

“For a long, long time, we would make changes and not see it do what it says it was going to do and improve the car. It was a good step in Barcelona but then we had several difficult races following it.

“Then we just had these last two races which were quite strong and that’s really encouraging us in the right direction and that there really is potential in the car.

“With a little bit more digging and a little more hard work, hopefully we can get closer to winning a race, so I truly believe we can win a race this year.”

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Lewis then explained he could have won at Silverstone.

“Definitely in Silverstone there was definitely potential to win the race. But with our current performance we’re not on exactly the same level as the two teams ahead.

“We needed everything to align, so we didn’t need that Safety Car at the end. We needed not to have lost the time in the pit stop.

“In a perfect world, if we didn’t have the crash at the beginning, I would have been third. I feel like things all happen for a reason.

“Coming here, we’ve always struggled in Austria, so it’s going to be hard to win here knowing the combination of corners, but not impossible. The weather is up and down.

“I’m hoping that I’ll be pleasantly surprised tomorrow, but I might be wrong. I’ll find out. But I’m staying hopeful.

“The best thing you can do is arrive hopeful and positive and navigate from there,” the Briton concluded.

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