Lewis Hamilton: ‘I wasn’t part of Mike Elliott’s departure’

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Lewis Hamilton says “it’s important for people to know” that he didn’t have a hand in former Mercedes Technical Director and CTO Mike Elliott’s departure from the team.

Earlier this year, after Mercedes failed to perform up to the team’s superb standards, the team’s Technical Director at the time, Mike Elliott, decided to move back to his previous position of Chief Technical Officer, while former TD James Allison returned to his old role.

Later in the year, when it was announced that Elliott has left the team altogether, the media and fans started speculating that this was due to Mercedes’ subpar performance in 2023.

Some even suggested that it was Lewis Hamilton who was pushing for Elliott to leave. Lewis, however, completely denies this.

“It’s important for people to know that I wasn’t part of Mike’s departure,” Hamilton said in a recent interview.

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“I’ve known Mike since I was at McLaren. I had a great relationship with Mike. I was always in awe of him, because he’s so smart and I was learning so much from him.

“When I asked him about the car, there was nothing I could ever ask him that he didn’t have an answer for.

“It’s always difficult for someone in his position. It often falls on them, but it’s collective. It’s not just one person.

“Unfortunately, there are people that maybe from the outside would be like: ‘It’s one person’s fault,'” the Briton concluded.

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