Lewis Hamilton: “I would love to act one day”

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Lewis Hamilton says he would like to become an actor after he retires, and adds he’ll ‘go to classes and study’ because he wants to be ‘the best at everything he does’.

Lewis Hamilton has many interests outside Formula 1. Not only does he have a fashion collection with Tommy Hilfiger, but he is also into music, and has provided vocals for Christina Aguilera’s song ‘Pipe’ under the pseudonym ‘XNDA’.

The seven-time champion now reveals he also wants to try his hand at acting.

“I would love to act one day,” Hamilton told DAZN.

“I want to be the best, at everything I do. I want to be the best, to do the best I can. So, if I’m going to do a film I’ll go to classes, study and make sure I express emotions the way I should.”

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However, we will have to wait for his career to be over, before we can see him on the silver screen.

“I don’t have the time right now, so I guess it will be something I do when I retire.”

Despite everything that he has accomplished, Lewis Hamilton admits he still feels like “the Lewis from a small town like Stevenage”.

“In my mind I’m still the Lewis from a small town like Stevenage who dreamt of being here and I still dream of doing what I do,” concluded the Briton.

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