Lewis Hamilton: “I wouldn’t say that I’m the leader”

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Lewis Hamilton denies he is ‘the leader’ at Mercedes and says him and George Russell “work equally as hard together” to “help drive the team”.

Ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton was asked what he had learned about himself through the hardships Mercedes has been thtough so far in the 2022 season.

When journalists suggested he was ‘the leader’ inside the team, Lewis immediately denied it.

“Well firstly, I wouldn’t say that I’m the leader,” the Briton said.

George [Russell] and I work equally as hard together, I would say, to help drive the team and be a part… row just as hard as everyone else in the team.

“But yeah, I mean, just always through adversity and challenging times, you always learn more about yourself, how you deal with things, how you reflect on things, how you are able to turn negatives into positives.

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“And I wouldn’t say I’ve learned particularly much more that I knew most of the stuff so I will say that past experiences have helped during this phase.

“And, yeah, I would say to just reassuring just the strength that I know I have mentally, and also just reassuring us that I still love my job. I still love the challenge even if it’s not fighting for wins.

“I’m still enjoying this battle that we’re having internally in terms of trying to… with [improving] the car, I mean, and trying to chase down these other guys,” Hamilton concluded.

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