Lewis Hamilton: “I’m in a more kind of leading position with the car”

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Lewis Hamilton explains the troubles he has had with Mercedes’ car so far in 2022, and says he is in a “leading position with the car now, rather than it leading me”.

In the first half of the 2022 season, Mercedes has been facing numerous issues with their car, which removed their drivers from the fight at the top of the field.

Lewis Hamilton explains how this affected him, especially in light of how the 2021 season ended.

“I think it’s definitely not been perfect,” Lewis said.

“I’ve definitely not been perfect in the background. I definitely would say it’s been a struggle, particularly off the end of last year, so it’s been a real kind of odd kind of growth process.

“I’ve tried a lot of things with the car and experiments, and it’s often caught us out. I’ve struggled with feeling comfortable in the car this year.

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“To finally be in a place where that’s not the case… I’m in a more kind of leading position with the car now, rather than it leading me. It’s been good.

“I think also there’s people in our team that have been here for many, many years, even before our success, and then there’s people that are new to the team, who have been here only with the wins, so this is a new experience for them also.

“I think for anybody, it’s a good experience to have. The adversity only makes you stronger.

“It’s the failures, I think, that truly make us strong,” Hamilton concluded.

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