Lewis Hamilton: “I’m not good at politics!”

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Although he is very much vocal when it comes to social and environmental issues, Lewis Hamilton says he will not go into politics after his career is over.

Lewis Hamilton’s drive for equality and social justice has already sparked much needed changes in Formula 1.

Not only that, but throughout 2020 the Briton has also been very vocal about various environmental issues and has done his part in the global fight against racism.

However, when asked if he might consider getting into politics after his racing career was over, Lewis completely ruled it out.

“No! I’m not good at politics,” the seven-time champion told Corriere della Sera.

“I’m just trying to make my contribution, to find a way to get messages across [and] to make sure my five-year-old nephew, and those of his generation, don’t live what we have. May they find a more open world.”

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Hamilton believes people, especially those in the public eye, should educate themselves and others about world issues, like the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

“Many don’t talk because they don’t know enough, and I respect them. But I also don’t see why they can’t learn.

“We live in times when everyone comments on everything, sometimes without even trying to understand.

“I was reading the reactions on the war between Israel and Palestine. The majority are people who have never set foot in those places or who have not read anything.

“There are those who say ‘Who cares?’ and those who are worried. I feel responsibility.”

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