Lewis Hamilton: “I’m worried every time I’m going to get back in the car”

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Lewis Hamilton says he is “worried” when he has to get back into his Mercedes, because he just doesn’t “want to have that bouncing again”.

Lewis Hamilton has experienced heavy bouncing at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, that left him in pain and struggling to get out of his car.

After the race, the Briton was asked if he was worried about experiencing a similar thing at the next race in Canada.

“I’m worried every time I’m going to get back in the car,” Hamilton said.

“Of course, I always want to get into the car. I just don’t want to have that bouncing again. I’ll do anything to avoid having that.”

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Lewis added that it was not a problem that only he was experiencing.

“All the drivers are discussing it in the drivers’ briefing, and ultimately none of us want to continue having the bouncing for the next four years with these regulations.

“I’m sure the teams will be working at it. There is so much potential in this car but we can’t unlock it at all until unless we stop this bouncing.

“We have a much different-looking car to everybody else and we need to have a look to see if that’s right or wrong,” Hamilton concluded.

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