Lewis Hamilton in self-isolation, asks people to act responsibly

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Lewis Hamilton assures fans he is “feeling healthy” after meeting two people who tested positive for the coronavirus.

Earlier this month Lewis Hamilton attended an event in London where met actor Idris Elba and Sophie Trudeau, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Both of them tested positive for the coronavirus. Hamilton has since entered a period of self-isolation, but says he is feeling good.

“I want to let you know that I’m doing well, feeling healthy and working out twice a day,” wrote Hamilton in a social media post.

“I have zero symptoms, and it’s now been 17 days since I saw Sophie and Idris. I have been in touch with Idris and happy to hear he is ok.”

However, he did not get tested himself.

“There is a limited amount of tests available and there are people who need it more than I do, especially when I wasn’t showing any symptoms at all.

“The most important thing everyone can do is stay positive, social distance yourself if you need to, and regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

“Thank you for all the messages. I’m sending you positivity and love from afar. Keep safe.”

In another social media post Hamilton reiterated the need for people to act responsibly in this time of crisis.

“I’m so sad to hear of the amount of deaths happening around the world,” wrote the Briton.

“I know most of us are limited with the knowledge of why and how this has happened. There is nothing we can do about it either way except try to isolate ourselves, stop ourselves from catching it and spreading it.

“There are people out there still going to clubs and bars and large gatherings which I personally feel is totally irresponsible and selfish.

“I’m praying for my families safety each day but I’m also praying for you out there. I’m praying for those working at the local stores, delivers, doctors and nurses who put their own health at risk to help others and keep the countries running. Those are the hero’s. Please stay safe people.

“If you can, try and take this time to assess your life and situation and how you might want to change things for the better moving forwards. Hopefully through this people will realise even more how health is priceless, how you treat yourself and what you put in your body is so important and also hygiene.

“We take this life for granted. I hope we don’t moving forwards.”

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