Lewis Hamilton is “nervous” for British fans due to COVID-19

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Lewis Hamilton says he is still “nervous” for British fans ahead of the British Grand Prix, due to COVID-19, but he hopes “everyone will be safe”.

The British Grand Prix this Sunday is expected to gather a crowd of 140,000 people. Lewis Hamilton is a bit apprehensive due to the COVID-19 pandemic still not being over.

“We talk about it every year, it’s probably the most special race of the season,” the Briton told F1.com.

“One being it’s in the UK and then secondly, the crowd that we get. The British fans really do make for the greatest race.

“I’m also kind of, it’s still part pandemic, so I’m a little bit nervous for people. But I heard it’s a tester so hopefully, we’ll get through it and everyone will be safe.”

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The race weekend at Silverstone will also be radically different, as Formula 1 is set to test the qualifying sprint race concept.

“Anything different is going to be good and exciting for people,” Lewis said.

“I’ve always said since I’ve been in Formula 1, it’s been the same for pretty much the same format for the Thursday to Sunday, every year in every race of the season.

“I was like ‘there’s got to be some sort of dynamic change so people have something extra exciting for a weekend’, like a super weekend.

“There’s some races which are just not a fun race to watch, like Monaco. It’s cool for the spectacle, but no one can overtake.

“So it’s not a real great race battle-wise,” concluded the seven-time champion.

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