Lewis Hamilton is not happy with cars getting “heavier”

© Jiri Krenek for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

Lewis Hamilton says the heavier 2022 cars will make for less exciting racing, be more dangerous and put more strain on the environment.

In 2022 Formula 1 cars will be at least 23 kilograms heavier than they were in 2021. They will weigh a minimum of 775 kilograms, which is much more than when Lewis Hamilton started racing in F1 in 2007. At the time the minimum weight for cars was 600 kilograms.

“I don’t understand why we go heavier,” Hamilton said.

“I don’t understand particularly why we go heavier when there was all this talk about being more sustainable, the sport going in that direction; by going heavier, and heavier, and heavier, you’re using more and more energy.

“That feels not necessarily the right direction or in the thought process. The lighter cars were more nimble, were nowhere near as big, naturally, and so racing, manoeuvring the car was better.

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“As we get heavier and heavier, that’s more energy we’ve got to dissipate; bigger brakes, more brake dust, more fuel to get you to the location, so I don’t fully understand it.”

Hamilton also says that the weigh will put additional load on the tyres, which could lead to more tyre blowouts and make things less safe for drivers.

“I don’t know who’s making that decision, it’s going be even potentially even worse next year with a heavier car,” concluded the Briton.

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