Lewis Hamilton: “It has been generally quite a lonely journey”

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Lewis Hamilton says his “lonely journey” in Formula 1 inspired him to start working on increasing diversity and inclusion within the sport.

In recent years Lewis Hamilton has done a lot to increase diversity and inclusion in Formula 1 and motorsport in general.

During his appearance on Good Morning America, he explained it was his “lonely journey” that inspired him to embark of this mission.

“It has been generally quite a lonely journey,” the Briton explained.

“It’s just been me and my family, we were the only black family. I’ve been racing for 29 years, I’m 37 now, but I’ve been professional for 16 years but I’ve always most often been the only person of colour in the room.

“And when I would ask the question, there was no real great feedback or answer to that. So, I put together the Hamilton Commission because it starts with education and understanding.

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“We’ve put together this body of work and research to try and understand what those barriers are and we found that there are, not only in our industry, which we have over 40,000 jobs but only one per cent come from black backgrounds, but there are real systemic issues within the education system as well.

“With the Hamilton Commission, we have now started Mission 44 which I have funded myself to try to create more representation and support and empowerment for these young underserved groups.

“The goal is for me, I realised that there are only 20 Formula One drivers so it is not like there is a huge way of accessing that.

“But as I said, there are 40,000 jobs. So engineers, mechanics, marketing…there are so many incredible jobs in the background.

“And just in my team, for example, two years ago there was only, out of 2,000 people, three percent diversity.

“Now we are working on tackling those challenges and improving that,” Hamilton concluded.

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