Lewis Hamilton: “It wasn’t the most exciting battle”

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Lewis Hamilton talks about the excitement that is missing from recent Formula 1 races and hopes the 2022 regulation changes will spark better racing.

Although Hamilton’s main focus is winning the 2020 championship, he doesn’t hide that he would like races to be a bit more exciting. During the Belgian Grand Prix the Briton didn’t feel much pressure from his main rivals Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas and seemingly ‘cruised’ to his 89th career victory.

“As soon as the start was done and the restart, you generally know that I don’t make too many mistakes, and the same with these drivers, they’re very very consistent,” said Hamilton during the post-race press conference.

“It’s very difficult to overtake in this circuit so I can imagine, it’s definitely not the most exciting. I feel exactly the same as Max; it wasn’t the most exciting battle.

“I generally really enjoy myself in the car because if you don’t enjoy the moment, what’s the point in doing in it. I’m still enjoying the battle.

“Every time I come through turn 15, I look in my mirror, I see where Valtteri is, whether he’s closer or further behind, taking in the knowledge of what times he’s doing, the gaps between him and Max and really trying to get a perfect balance each and every single lap.

“It’s perhaps not as fun for people to watch but when you’re in it; it’s a little bit different. But of course, I would love to have a real race.

“I’ve definitely had races in the past here which are a little bit closer, trying to follow the Ferrari and stay on top of them but they could overtake because they had all that extra power.

“I think the Red Bulls have improved. I really hope that we have more of a race because I think everyone wants to see us all battling together.”

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However the Briton says Mercedes shouldn’t be blamed for the lack of excitement in Formula 1.

“We come into each weekend devoted and give absolutely everything to perform at our best. The decision-makers who design the cars and set the rules are the ones to apply the pressure to, to do a better job.

“I am hopeful that is what will happen in 2022 when the regulations change, we have a new type of car, and we will see a different form of racing where we can follow closely and have closer races.”

Hamilton likened today’s situation with the one from early to mid-2000s when Michael Schumacher and Ferrari completely dominated F1.

“I cannot speak for the fans now, but having been a fan and growing up through different eras, the Schumacher era for example, I know what it is like.

“I was a teenager back then. I would have woken up, eaten my bacon sandwich, watched the start, gone to sleep and then got up again to watch the end of the race.

“If I was watching as a fan today, I would have done the same thing and just tuned in for the highlights.

“I can imagine it was definitely not the most exciting race for those watching,” concluded Hamilton.

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