Lewis Hamilton: “I’ve definitely been having a lot more headaches”

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Lewis Hamilton says it’s taking him “most of the week generally to recover” after races due to incessant bouncing of his 2022 car.

It’s no secret that Lewis Hamilton has been tremendously affected by the bouncing on his car in 2022. It was especially evident after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, when he visibly had trouble getting out of his car due to severe back pain.

Ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, Lewis was asked how long it takes for him to recover after races in 2022.

“There’s a lot more bruising after the races nowadays, so it’s taking you most of the week generally to recover,” Hamilton said.

“I don’t think that generally has anything to do with age. It’s just because the bruising can be quite severe.

“When you’re experiencing 10Gs on the bounce on a bump, which is what I experienced in the last race, that’s a heavy, heavy load on the lower part and the top part of your neck.”

He then revealed he has been suffering from more headaches this year.

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“In terms of micro concussions, I’ve definitely been having a lot more headaches in the past months, but I’ve not seen a specialist about it.

“I’m not taking it too seriously; I’ve just been taking some painkillers.”

Asked about the strain on the rest of the drivers’ bodies, Lewis said:

“I cannot stress more how important health is for us. I think we’ve got an amazing sport here. But the safety has to be the most important thing.

“I definitely feel like I’m a little bit shorter this week. The discs [in my back] are definitely not in the best shape right now. That’s not good for longevity.

“There are things that we can do to improve that for all the drivers here… There is no need for long-term injuries,” the Briton concluded.

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