Lewis Hamilton: “Let’s not come back the same”

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In his latest social media post Lewis Hamilton acknowledged the “void” felt by people during these uncertain times, but noted the positives they can bring.

“When you live and breathe something you love, there’s definitely a big void,” said Hamilton.

“But there’s always positives to take from these times. Right now, we all have time in the world to reflect on our life, our decisions, our goals, the people we have around us, our careers.

“Today, we see clearer skies all over the world, less animals being slaughtered for our pleasure simply because our demands are much lower and everyone staying in.

“Let’s not come back the same as we went into this tough time, let’s come out of it with better knowledge of our world, changing personal choices and habits.

“Let’s come out of this as a new us, a new reinvigorated you, fitter, healthier and more focused but above all, kinder, more generous and gracious and caring for our world and the people in it.

“I hope we all do,” concluded the Briton.

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