Lewis Hamilton looking forward to grid shakeup at French GP

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The FIA will start enforcing their ‘anti-porpoising’ technical directive at the French Grand Prix, and it might be bad news for certain teams using ‘flexi-floors’.

The FIA has announced it will start enforcing its ‘anti-porpoising’ technical directive at the French Grand Prix, which might be bad news for some teams after it came out that some of them are using ‘flexi-floors’, in an effort to prevent their cars from bouncing.

According to the rules the skid plank under the car may only bend 2 mm across its length, but the FIA says they have detected that some teams are pushing this and their planks are bending up to 6 mm.

It has since been rumoured that the teams in question are Red Bull and Ferrari. However, once the TD starts getting enforced in France, this will no longer be possible, which could lead to a loss of performance.

In an interview with Channel 4, Lewis Hamilton said he was hoping for Mercedes  to get back in the fight, and he then mentioned the ‘flexi floor’ issue.

“I’m praying every day,” the Briton said.

“I definitely have hope that we can improve and I know everyone is working so hard.

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“There are also some things going on in the background with floors, all sorts of things. It will be interesting to see how that affects everybody.”

Lewis, whose back was hurt at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix due to incessant bouncing of his car, also said that he is looking forward to the day when bouncing will no longer be an issue.

“I’m dying for the day I get in the car and we don’t have bouncing. There’s been times when the bouncing has been so heavy that you have to lift down the straight.

“This was a challenge of a different kind. In the race, you can’t lift. You’re thinking of the points for the team, and how much every step in the championship means for all those that you work with.

“And so you just grit and take it. It’s the first time in my racing career that I’ve looked at a set-up and decided to just live with a problem. That’s an unusual scenario.

“It took me three weeks after to feel good again but thankfully it was nothing disc-related, it was all muscle.

“There’s been a lot of needles stabbed in my back,” Hamilton concluded.

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