Lewis Hamilton: “Mick is a great talent and an asset for Mercedes”

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Lewis Hamilton says as a German driver, and with his father Michael “already closely connected” to Mercedes, Mick Schumacher will be “an asset for Mercedes”.

After it was announced that Mick Schumacher will join Mercedes in 2023 as the team’s reserve driver, Lewis Hamilton was asked to give his thoughts.

“Mick is a great talent and an asset for Mercedes,” the Briton told Sport Bild.

“He is a German driver. His father Michael and Mercedes were already closely connected.”

Mick himself also highlighted his connection with the German team.

“It’s great news,” Mick said.

“I’ve always felt very close to Mercedes not only because of the history with my family but also just because of F3 and the time that I got to spend here when I was younger.

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“Just the relationship that I have with Toto [Wolff] as well, I feel very, very happy to be a part of it even though it’s not as a main driver, it’s a reserve driver.

“But I’m sure it’s going to be just as important to contribute and give it my all so that’s what I’m planning on doing,” Schumacher concluded.

Lewis added he will not be able to work that closely with the young German, as reserve drivers are not as involved during race weekends as they were in years past.

“You don’t work that closely with the third driver anymore,” Hamilton said.

“It’s a lot of simulator work and not like it used to be, even though we’ll still be teammates,” he concluded.

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