Lewis Hamilton now understands Michael Schumacher’s influence

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Lewis Hamilton says he now understands the influence Michael Schumacher had on his teams and the development of the cars.

Hamilton admits he didn’t fully understand the influence Michael Schumacher had on the teams he drove for, including Mercedes, until he himself started doing those same things.

“In terms of helping develop the car, that’s something that I think that drivers – and as I’m approaching where Michael was – I never fully understood,” explained the Briton.

“It’s difficult for someone starting in F1, for young drivers, it’s hard for them to fully understand what it is that Michael did, what I am doing in this team.

“They’ll just see that we have a good car, just see that Michael had a good car, but now I’m here I understand what Michael did with the team, or perhaps what he might have done with this team. I’m sure it’s similar to what I’ve had to do.

“You know, you have to be the rudder. You have this powerful group of intelligent, impassioned people and of course you have the head of the team which is the main rudder.

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“But in terms of development, how to get the car to go further and work with the characteristics of the driver, that’s my job and I’d say I’m definitely very, very proud of that.

“Unfortunately people don’t get to see all that in the background.”

Hamilton goes on to says this year his all-around performance is the best its ever been.

“It definitely feels like the most all-rounded highest level I’ve been at, yeah. It’s a natural progression, naturally. You can’t always get it right.

“This year, being as we’ve also had Covid, we’ve had more time to focus on areas of weakness and I would say last year the racing was strong, qualifying wasn’t so great and I came into this season trying to make sure I kept the strengths but worked on the weaknesses.

“But in improving in qualifying I have managed to improve the racing, which was a bit of a surprise. I was not expecting that.”

Source: motorsport.com

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