Lewis Hamilton on 2021 F1 rule changes that hurt Mercedes

© Jiri Krenek for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

There’s no doubt that 2021 Formula 1 rules that favour high-rake concept cars have played a major part in Red Bull’s advantage over Mercedes.

However, Lewis Hamilton says he believes his team will be able to find a way to get around this problem.

“Ultimately, I trust in the team,” the Briton told Sky Sports F1.

“I’m sure the team perhaps didn’t anticipate that they would make such a big step because I would say we’ve not been able to necessarily make as big a step.

“We do know that this year this floor adjustment that was made, we lost a lot more downforce than they did.

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“So we’ve been working at a loss all year and I think we have done pretty well, but it’s starting to really harm us. We’ve got to try and figure out ways around it.

“Because they run such a high [rake] car it means they have had to remove less furniture from the inside of their rear wheels, so they just have more downforce than us. It makes it a little bit difficult.

“Not only that, they seem to have more power this year than we do so, overall, we’ve got work to do,” concluded the seven-time champion.

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