Lewis Hamilton on appropriate penalty for Red Bull’s cost cap breach

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Lewis Hamilton says the FIA handed out “a 25k fine for me having this nose ring”, and “a 50k fine for having that wing and put to dead last” at the 2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix Sprint Race.

Ahead of the United States Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton talked about what he believes would be an appropriate penalty for Red Bull’s 2021 budget cap breach.

“I’m not the one to be able to decide what that [penalty] is,” the Briton said.

“The fact is – that breach affected the result of last year, but it also affects this year.

“Because they would have taken on the same practice, most often perhaps into this season, there would have benefits from that moving on into this season and it rolls on.

“When these new rules come out, if you’ve got a head start it’s very, very hard to close that gap. It just goes back to integrity, we’ve got to stick to the core values of what this sport is.

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“We got a 25k fine for me having this nose ring in and a 50k fine for having that wing and put to dead last in the race [2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix], so I’m hopeful.

“I truly believe that I have to have belief in the FIA and the people that are leading this team, that they’re going to make the right decisions.

“What those are, everyone has an opinion on what should or should not happen, but I’m not giving it energy,

“I’m trying to win a race right now,” Hamilton concluded.

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