Lewis Hamilton on Chelsea bid: “My primary focus is continuing in F1”

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Lewis Hamilton goes into detail on why he decided to joined the bid to buy Chelsea F.C., but reaffirms Formula 1 remains his “primary focus”.

Last week it was revealed that Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams have pledged an estimated £10m each to former Liverpool and British Airways chairman Sir Martin Broughton’s takeover offer for Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea Football Club.

At the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Friday press conference, journalists brought up the fact that according to the club’s last financial accounts, they lost £145.6 million after tax, adding that it was unlikely Lewis made the investment with an intention to “lose money”.

“Yeah, I mean, naturally, that’s never the idea of an investment,” the Briton said.

“But firstly, the investment to be a part of something as big as this is the excitement. That’s first and foremost what comes to mind. And then yes, of course, it is a business venture.

“But through the discussions we’ve had, how the team plan to manage this team moving forward and improve that, and slowly decrease those losses and turn it into a profit-making organisation, that’s going to take a lot of work.

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“There are so many moving parts, I don’t have the strategy to all that. We haven’t yet won the bid. I’m sure that will come afterwards.

“But the people, the team, the consortium, it’s a consortium of lifetime Chelsea fans and others that have come to it later like myself.

“There’s not anyone that’s a part of it, that is a part of that consortium that’s with the mindset of losing.

“I already think Chelsea already has a winning mindset. But I think we can do better with how we move it forward.”

Lewis was also asked if this investment was perhaps intended as something he would be focusing on after his Formula 1 career was done. However, Lewis made it clear he is not thinking about leaving the sport yet.

“Well, at the moment my primary focus is continuing in Formula 1, and this isn’t my first business venture or investment.

“But yeah, it’s something I’m excited about. I would say early on I’m for sure not going to be able to be hands on as the other people that are a part of it.

“But again, we haven’t won it yet. But if we do, there’s lots of opportunity to get involved more and more over time, which is super exciting.

“And particularly beyond racing, of wanting to help with the success they’ve already had, and help it be even more successful.

“The part where we’re very aligned is DNI [Diversity and Inclusion], for example, and what they’ve already done there, you’ve seen that, in that sport, there is still a lot of work to be done to be more diverse and more inclusive.

“It’s an amazing platform to bring in and educate a lot of the amazing fans that are out there. And there’s some amazing talent within the team already that have really stood up against discrimination, and worked very closely with the organisation to move forward.

“And I know that’s really important for I think the fans of Chelsea. The community is heavily invested in that also.

“So I think it’s important,” Hamilton concluded.

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